ACE Underground

Our primary objective within the underground division is to offer unwavering support, assisting clients in completing their projects on schedule and within budget.

With a dedicated team of professionals possessing extensive expertise in the underground construction industry, ACE Capital Engineering delivers a wide array of services tailored to meet diverse needs.

  • Utility Locating and Potholing

    Machine and Hand Excavation

    Vacuum Excavation

    PDF Report Generation

  • Underground Utility Installation

    Wet & Dry Utilities

    Water, Gas, Electric, and Fiber

  • Saw Cutting and Coring

    Flat Sawing up to 16" depth

    Vertical & Horizontal Core Drilling

    Asphalt and Concrete

  • Asphalt Grinding & Restoration

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling

    Unlock maximum efficiency with our industry-leading horizontal directional drilling equipment. Save time and money on your drilling projects.

  • Open Trench & Excavation

    Increase productivity and reduce risks with open trench excavation. This time-tested technique guarantees better results in construction projects.

  • Rocksaw

    Maximize your productivity in underground utility installation with our rock saw services. Achieve accurate cuts and save time on every project.

  • Multi-Way and HDPE Conduit Installation

  • Vault and Handhold Placement

  • Rodding & Roping

  • Broken Conduit Repair & Replacement

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